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How is the cooperation between the commercial and social sectors proceeded? What advantages, and sometimes maybe also problems does it bring? What is the stance of the state, legislature and tax collection to such a cooperation of the two worlds? And what do the ESG standards bring, i.e. quantified requirements towards companies in the area of environment, social responsibility and diversity of company management?

We will seek the answers to this and many other questions together with investment specialists, representatives of the business as well as social sectors, layers and representatives of the public sector, ministries and the Chamber of Deputies.The presence of public sector representatives enables to assess the current tax, legislature and legal regulations in detail, inclusive expected changes in this area.

The aim of the event is to create an open space for discussion in which we can share useful advises as well as practical experience.

The „Good Company Circle 2023, Sustainable growth summit“ conference which takes place on November 23rd, 2023, at the Exhibition ground in Holešovice in the beautiful environment of Křižík's pavilions. The conference is held in cooperation with the Economia medium house and JTI; the public will be able to acquaint itself with the results of the conference through journalistic outputs in the newspaper Hospodářské noviny, on the website
HN.cz or in the journal Ekonom. The conference is aimed at representatives of business as well non-profit sectors who will have enough time to establish new relations as well as share experience. Another media partner is the business news server Newstream.cz .





 In case of any queries, please contact us at info@goodcompanycircle.com



Are you from a non-profit organisation and interested in joining the conference? Contact us at info@goodcompanycircle.com to get free entry.

All of the profit from the sales will be divided between non-profit organisations.

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